Tips for Achieving a Sense of Personal Growth

What is Personal Growth?

You’ve come a long way in your earthly journey, whether you realize it or not. And that’s a problem — many of us don’t recognize or develop a sense of the personal growth we have attained during our lives. We don’t give ourselves credit for our accomplishments simply because we don’t stop to evaluate our current position on that inner map. Here are some ways to help ensure that you not only blossom as a person but also feel, know and love that blossoming and personal growth as it occurs.

Test Yourself

It’s all too easy to fall into a rut or at least a sense of complacency. Work, home, spouse kids — lather, rinse, and repeat for the next couple of decades. But when we allow ourselves to be lulled into a routine, we may not feel that we’re growing or achieving as much as we might. What about all those youthful enthusiasms, hobbies or dreams you once nurtured? Some of them are still alive and well, if you search your heart for them, like once-beloved toys waiting to be played with again. So play! Enroll in community courses. Take up a sport. If you’re ready to think big, put your passion to work by changing careers or even starting your own business. Just as importantly, if you’ve already stood on that stage or made that first sale or finished that marathon, congratulate yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone and into a world of personal growth. Don’t wait for a pat on the head from someone else, either — if you’ve grown as a person, thank yourself for it!

Record the Journey

Journaling or keeping a diary holds enormous benefits for those seeking a sense of personal growth. First of all, it enables you to vent your frustrations, celebrate your triumphs and preserve your feelings about others in your life — without creating the external turmoil that some of these expressions might otherwise stir up. Secondly, as you go back and review that emotional logbook in the months or years to come, you will see with perfect clarity how you got from where you were to where you are. Professional counselor Kathleen Adams also points out that many women find journaling a way to tap into their “authentic selves,” discovering their own personal power as they put their everyday struggles or self-doubts into words.

Get a Personal Growth Coach

A professional life coach can help you figure out what aspects of your life you would like to nurture or change. As you implement those changes, you’ll have someone to cheer you on, hold you accountable to your goals and ideals, and act as a sounding board for what’s working and what isn’t. Of course any loved one can do these things as well, but a certified personal coach has the training and experience to quickly and accurately recognize your strengths and weakness, point them out to you from an objective, professional standpoint, and then give you the tools to overcome them.


Have you ever found yourself looking into a mirror and saying, “Who am I, anyway?” Today’s woman divides her time between so many pursuits that she often forgets to carve out time for self-reflection. But as we grow and evolve as people, it’s critical that we “check in with ourselves” on a regular basis. You might choose to do this in many ways. Yoga, for instance, reacquaints you with your body while helping you achieve a sense of peace and focus. Meditation quiets your mind so you are no longer distracted from the big questions by a thousand little ones. Some people find this quiet place through prayer or simple contemplation as well. But whatever approach you choose, schedule it just as rigorously as you do all those other activities vying for your attention.

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