The Meaning Behind Amy Grant’s “It’s A Miracle”

Amy Grant’s Beautiful Work

Miracles, by their biblical definition which is ‘a work of God,’ are not everyday occurrences, but in a secular context we can see them in our lives everyday. All the wonders in our lives can be considered miracles. A child taking a fall and not being injured, getting a big promotion, narrowly escaping a traffic accident. Miracles are all around us if we push pause on our busy lives long enough to notice them.

A Song About a Miracle

One of the song’s in Amy Grant’s third album, Never Alone, is about the miracle of Christ rising from the dead on Easter morning. Penned by Gary Chapman and Chris Christian, the song describes the Resurrection and our conversion as miracles that can’t be explained by any human being. We know that these events have happened because of our belief that they can happen.

It must have happened sometime in the night
No one saw the stone be rolled away
But when the grave saw morning light
The skeptics and friends all had to say

The first stanza tells of how the stone was removed from Jesus’ tomb early on Easter morning. Since the stone was humongous, it would have taken several humans to roll it away from it’s place in front of the sealed tomb but no one saw this happen. Until they saw him awhile later, Jesus’ friends were saddened by this occurrence and the skeptics were outraged. Once Jesus made his appearance that glorious morning, the sorrow turned to gladness and everyone had to admit that what they had just witnessed was a miracle.

It’s a miracle, it’s a miracle
It’s a miracle happened today
It’s a miracle, it’s a miracle
He took the stone and He rolled it away

The chorus lyrics emphasize the fact that it was indeed a miracle. No one else had ever overcome the powerful chains of death and to this day no one else has done it either. Only someone as almighty as the Son of God could rise from the dead.

My soul was like a tomb in constant night
‘ Til one day the stone was rolled away
Then my heart saw morning light
And no one alive can explain it away

In the second stanza the song writer talks about finding Christ. Before we became believers, our lives were as dark, figuratively, as the tomb that Jesus’ body was buried in so many centuries ago. Salvation comes to different people at different times, but perhaps you remember how your life was prior to that blessed event. Small things caused grief and worry. Sometimes you had no hope for a better tomorrow. There was no one to turn to when life got tough. But one day the stone to your heart was taken away and you let your Savior enter. Explaining that moment in your life is one of the most difficult things to do, but you know that it happened. The only way to truly and accurately explain it is that it was a miracle.

Now, now don’t you see what I’m trying to say
If you believe it can happen today

Miracles Are Possible

Wrapping up Amy Grant’s song, the singer says that miracles are possible, at any time, if we only believe. As women, we tend to worry about many things and we really shouldn’t do that. We should give our worries to God and trust that he will take care of them when the time is right. We shouldn’t stop our prayers for our friends to come to faith. We shouldn’t lose hope about our husband’s job search. We need to hand our worries over to our Almighty God and leave the miracles to him.

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