I Have it All… Now How Do I Juggle It?

To Have it all…

For many women, having it all is the ultimate, seemingly unattainable, dream. However, once they accomplish it — getting that dream job, finding the ideal spouse and producing some precocious and adorable offspring – they find that achieving this goal isn’t nearly as difficult as balancing it all once you have it all. If you are in the middle of a masterful juggling act, try out these tips as they may make it substantially easier for you to keep all of your balls in the air.

Don’t Neglect your Health

When you find yourself pulled in a million different directions, it can be tempting to put yourself on the back burner, skipping those exercise classes or grabbing quick-and-tasty food on the go instead of eating balanced meals. While these practices may save you time in the short term, in the long run neglecting your health could prove a disastrous decision. Your body will take this type of abuse for a while, but eventually it will rebel against you, forcing you to slow down or crash, likely at the most inopportune time.

Focus Your Efforts

While it is entirely natural for your mind to wander to the tasks you have waiting for you at home while you are at work, and vice versa, if you constantly give in to this tendency you will dramatically reduce your overall productivity. When you are at work, push home worries aside and you will be able to get your work done more rapidly, potentially even reducing the number of hours you end up spending on the job.


When you have so many items on your to do list that you feel it will soon swallow you whole, it can be difficult to decide which to tackle first, potentially leading you to abandon the list entirely and throw yourself a pity party on the couch, complete with ice cream. Instead of giving in to this temptation, become master of your list by learning to adeptly prioritize. After crafting your list of things to do, be it for home or work, rank each item from 1 to 5, assigning a 1 to the post pressing tasks and a 5 to those that can wait. This simple task will allow you to immediately narrow your focus, showing you exactly where you should start.


Stick to a Schedule – Usually

As you work to climb the corporate ladder you will likely find yourself putting in extra hours on the job. On occasion, a late night at work is simply a must; however, for the sake of your family, you shouldn’t allow every night to become a late night. Commit yourself to arriving home in time for dinner with your family at least four nights each work week. By doing so you can ensure that you have ample time to spend appreciating the family you so carefully built while still fulfilling your on-the-job duties.

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