8 Ways to Treat Yourself at Your Next Spa Appointment

Demands of modern life require a break

Women today are often overworked and overstressed. From the demands of holding down a career, and being a mother, to running a hectic household, and being an attentive wife, we all need to take the time to take care of ourselves.

One way to relax and unwind is to spend time at a local spa and enjoy all of the unique and wonderful ways they offer for us to pamper ourselves and relax. Nothing relaxes our bodies and refreshes our minds better than some “me time” at a local spa that offers a myriad of services made just for us. If you have never taken the time to explore the services that a spa has to offer, you are missing out on a treat.

Spas offer many soothing services

Here are some popular spa treatments you should reward yourself with as often as possible. Take advantage of these services that are made especially to pamper and spoil us – and be prepared to enjoy every second of it!

  • Massage – Massage is a good way to relax, unwind, and rid your body and muscles of unnecessary stress. Massage therapists offer different types of massages that can be customized to your needs including a Swedish, therapeutic, or deep tissue massage.
  • Body Wrap – This soothing treatment typically uses algae, seaweed, mud, or clay which are detox treatments that help rid the body of toxins. You are massaged with these treatments then wrapped for 20 minutes to keep you warm. Your body is then rinsed and then lotion is applied for super soft and smooth skin.
  • Facial – Facials are a popular spa treatment that cleans, exfoliates, and nourishes your face to promote clear, well hydrated skin. An esthetician analyzes your skin and picks the appropriate treatment for your skin type and conditions to ensure a perfect facial for you.
  • Pedicure – A spa pedicure is a procedure which cleans and removes the dead skin cells from the feet and nails. A spa pedicure is also combined with a foot massage that rejuvenates the feet and relaxes the muscles. The toenails are then painted with the color of your choice for totally sexy feet for strutting around in your new sandals or favorite pair of heels.
  • Manicure – A manicure is a beauty treatment for your fingernails that uses special tools, creams, and massage methods to make your hands and nails healthy and beautiful. A manicure will help improve the texture as well as health of your fingernails and the skin on your hands. Have them polished with your favorite color for beautiful hands every time.
  • Sauna – Sitting in a warm and soothing sauna is beneficial in many ways. Not only does a sauna help relax and distress you, it actually lower your blood pressure and eliminate toxins from your body and stimulates the function of other organs, too.
  • Waxing – Waxing is a very popular way women use for body hair removal. From leg and lip waxing to the ever popular Brazilian (bikini) wax, the process can leave you looking and feeling better about yourself. Special melted wax is applied to remove unwanted hair and generally lasts for 4 to 6 weeks before hair re-growth.
  • Scrubs – Nothing refreshes and rejuvenates like a body scrub at the spa. These gentle treatments can soften skin, draw out unwanted toxins that dull skin, and restore skin vitality. The body scrub is performed with an abrasive material like salt or sugar, and is mixed with massage oil and fragrant essential oils. This exfoliation process is followed by an application of body lotion for healthy looking skin that is radiant and soft to the touch.

Indulge yourself

No matter which spa service you decide to treat yourself to, you will be relaxed, refreshed, and look fabulous. So go for it ladies – relax and indulge yourself with these spa specialties, after all, you’re worth it!

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