6 Signs of a Bad First Date

First dates are generally despised by many. While each first date does provide the opportunity to meet someone new who could ultimately end up being the man of your dreams, more often than not, these romantic outings don’t turn out as well as the lovelorn dater had hoped. To ensure that you don’t waste your time on a man with whom you have no future, be particularly keen to signs of distress from the start. If you find yourself on a bad first date, end the charade and save your sanity, holding out hope that your next first date is better.

1. He forgot his wallet

In this day and age the man paying for each and every date is considered by many to be an antiquated practice. Regardless of whether or not you intended to pay for some or all of the date, however, a guy who “conveniently” forgets his wallet is likely not one you want to pursue past date one.

2. He mentions his mother more than once

Having admiration for his mother isn’t a bad thing – being obsessed with this woman in his life is. If the majority of your first-date conversation includes mention of this matriarch, take it as a sign of impending danger.

3. He compares you to an ex

Regardless of whether the comparisons are complimentary, as in, “you are so much more beautiful than my ex,” or negative, like, “You do that same thing my ex did that always drove me crazy,” the fact that he even mentions his past relationship is a sign that he hasn’t moved past this former flame and should be a major red flag

4. He laughs at his jokes even though you don’t

A guy who is funny is something many girls seek. A guy who just thinks he’s funny, however, can be a horrible bore. Unless you want to spend years listening to jokes that are far from laugh-inducing, steer clear of the comic who only cracks himself up and no one else.

5. You can hear crickets

A date is all about getting to know each other. If you and your would-be-beau have so little to talk about that silence prevails on your first date, you likely aren’t a match made in heaven.

6. He shakes your hand

Not everyone thinks that kissing on the first date is appropriate, but a date completely devoid of intimacy is a bad sign. If your guy ends the date with a firm handshake, it likely wasn’t the raging success you had hoped it would be.

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