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The Dangers of Energy Drinks Exposed

energy drink dangersRed Bull, Rockstar, Monster, and 5-Hour Energy…these are all very familiar to us ladies on the go who have ever needed a boost. Flashy packaging and inflated prices seem to go hand in hand with these purported energy drinks, but science tells us that getting juiced – even legally – is not something our bodies appreciate.

The most startling revelations concerning the dangers of energy drinks come from a recent study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, which indicates that emergency room visits related to consuming these “little helpers” have doubled during the five-year span between 2007 and 2011. Now for the most disturbing part – most of these incidences involved young adults or teens. Half of those victims admitted to downing more than one energy drink, which typically contains the equivalent of five cups of caffeinated coffee!

The Health Risks of Energy Drinks

You might think that you are doing yourself a favor by snagging an energy drink boost before a big meeting at the office or prior to working out, but your heart likely disagrees. If elevated blood pressure, heart rate, and increased anxiety aren’t enough to make you think twice about your beverage selection, perhaps the intense amount of sugar, herbal stimulants, and the complete lack of nutritional value of energy drinks will.

Improve Performance with Healthy Choices

When you actually have the time (and make the effort) to work out, rest assured that energy drinks don’t improve performance. In fact, as a diuretic, any consumer can easily become dehydrated while attempting to improve their health and performance under the spell of energy drinks. Opt out of this trap and make your workout a healthy one that counts. Seek smart workout enhancements like water, juice-infused smoothies, and any magnesium-rich foods you can get your hands on.

We hate to say it, but just about any other caffeine-laden beverage you select will likely be a healthier option than these glamorized toxins in a can. Make the informed choice for you and your youngsters the next time temptation to snag one of these drinks hits you.

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