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Seven Sensational Sleep Inducing Foods

You’ve had a long day, so getting to sleep shouldn’t be any problem, right? Not necessarily. Regardless of your level of exhaustion, sleep can often be as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster. If you suffer from insomnia, you are certainly amongst a considerable population, and more than 50 million Americans purportedly don’t get enough sleep each night.

When counting sheep, lavender infused pillows, and the coziest pajamas you own simply refuse to help sweep you into dreamland, consider integrating some of these rest-inducing foods into your dinner menu.

Something Fishy

Fish containing high volumes of Vitamin B6 can foster a solid night’s sleep, and yellow fin tuna and salmon are first-rate choices. If you don’t like “fishy fish” then the mild and pleasing taste of white-flaked fish like cod might satiate the palate while boosting B6 levels. Vitamin B6 regulates the manufacture of Melatonin, which controls your sleep cycle and circadian rhythms.

Pass the Chickpeas, Please

Chickpeas are extremely flexible and tasty provisions that add a nice, nutritious flare to many dishes. Chickpeas possess high amounts of Vitamin B6 to help foster better sleep patterns. One idea is to put together a creamy topping with both chickpeas and yogurt for those fish dishes to double up on this sleep-inducing vitamin.

Kale & Yogurt

Not together, of course, unless you are a truly creative gal! However, both Kale and yogurt provide a substantial quantity of calcium, which can assist you in catching some Zzz’s. Kale makes a succulent side dish and can be consumed raw or lightly steamed. These foods can induce sleep for the same reason that warm milk before bed does – high levels of calcium, which encourages the brain to manufacture Melatonin.

Go Bananas

Rich in potassium and Vitamin B6, bananas can play a vital role in fueling the production of our sleepy time friend, melatonin. Don’t forget to grab a bunch of organic bananas while you are in the produce section snagging some Kale.

What about Whole Grains

Whole grains are loaded with magnesium, an essential mineral for any woman’s health, and it naturally helps your body wind down after a long day. Magnesium works in combination with calcium to loosen up muscles, which can help your shut-eye a much more restful experience.

Jasmine Rice

Add jasmine rice to your evening side dish list. This sleep-friendly food is high on the glycemic index, and several studies indicate that consumers of jasmine rice tend to fall asleep significantly quicker than long-grain or white rice consumers do.

Incorporate a few of these natural sleep aids into your afternoon and evening diet, and start getting the sleep you need to be a truly balanced and healthy woman.