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No Quick Fix for Women with Low Libido

Low Libido in Women

women with low libidoYou might have the sexiest, most loving partner in the world, but you just can’t find that little part of you that desires the intimacy that he or she does no matter how hard you try. It might not be your fault. You might be suffering from low testosterone levels (low libido).

Yes, testosterone in commonly known as the male sex hormone, but women’s bodies have a small level of testosterone, too. It’s the chemical that drives sexual desire, fosters fantasies, and even provides much of the energy exhausted during the act itself, and as we age, testosterone naturally decreases.

Even using birth control so that you can have sex can cause a severe decline in libido in women, because the estrogen in them can bind to testosterone, making us blind to sexual desires. Men have several options for boosting their levels of the intimacy creating chemical, but women still have a long wait ahead for any such quick fix.

Testosterone Supplements for Women – The Great Debate

Oral supplements, gels, and patches are commonly prescribed to men who need a little “lift,” but the USDA has yet to approve such replacement therapy for women. Even when physicians occasionally prescribe testosterone for women off label, many pharmacies refuse to fill it because it’s still controversial.

There’s good merit to the controversy, as general research indicates that most women don’t experience the desired result of an increased libido. In fact, many women experience some side effects that can truly make you feel less sexy.

Potential Side Effects of Testosterone Therapy for Women

Common short-term side effects include facial hair growth and acne, while less occurring ones involve the growth of facial hair, male pattern baldness, weight gain, and vocal changes. The long-term risks are yet to fully be determined, but it is known that testosterone converts into estrogen, which can increase the risk of breast cancer according to Linda Bradley, MD from the Women’s Health Institute in Cleveland. Another concern is that taking the hormone raises the risks of developing high cholesterol; however, much research needs to be done in assessing women’s health post testosterone therapy.

Natural Solutions in Lieu of Testosterone

Hosts of issues can affect women’s libido beyond low testosterone, and even if your doctor recognizes that you have low testosterone keep in mind some natural alternatives. Getting more rest, more exercise, and spending more time with your partner involved in an activity you both love can help bring the loving back to the bedroom – drug free.

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