How to Take Off Weight and Keep it Off

Take off Weight and Keep it Off

There are a lot of reasons why women gain weight. Significant factors in their lifestyles can lead to those unwanted extra pounds. Many times, with slow changes, you can take off weight without ever gaining it back.

1. See your doctor and get a physical

The first thing that should be checked out is your health. There are some health issues that might cause you to gain weight such as a hypothyroidism. This controls your metabolism and can slow it down making weight gain an issue. There is daily medication that will help correct this condition. Also, some bipolar medications such as lithium can also cause weight gain.

2. Food and drink consumption

Stop or drastically reduce how many soft or fruit drinks you consume daily. Most of them contain lots of sugar. Once the sugar is taken out of your diet, calories will be reduced significantly.

Pay attention to the types of oils that are used to cook your foods in. Avoid oils with saturated fats.

Plan meals in advance. Make right choices on green vegetables, raw fruits and white meats. These will have the highest level of nutrients and antioxidants in them with fewer calories and salt.

Processed foods have a lot more unwanted ingredients in them including ones that you can’t even pronounce. Many times they are not natural ingredients and may not be absorbed into the body as easily. This can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable, causing improper eating.

The more ingredients that are added to your foods, the more your caloric intake can increase. Sour creams, dressings, and barbecue sauces are some examples. Olive oil mixed with fresh herbs tastes great and contains many health benefits with considerably less calories.

Desserts can be eaten in smaller proportions. Many natural substitutes can be used instead of sugar such as apple sauce and pure honey. They can be digested a lot easier while contributing more health benefits into your body. and help take off weight.

3. Buy dinner plates that are blue

The color blue is a natural appetite suppressant. In other words, your desire to eat more is decreased.

4. Buy smaller plates

Even if you fill the smaller plate up, the amount served is less than before. Your mind will think that you are eating the same amount as a larger plate.

5. Reduce stress and other turmoil in your daily life

Having a stressful life or a lot of turmoil on a daily basis can make you less careful about what and how you eat. Lower complications in your life so that emotional eating disappears.

6. Seek out social gatherings

As a woman, social gatherings might be helpful and give the emotional boost that is needed to follow through on any type of weight loss plan. Join Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig to gain the confidence that is necessary.

7. Write daily in a journal

Keep a journal on your thoughts and your plans regarding how to take off weight. As time goes by, referring back to it will help you realize what works best for you.

8. Fun exercise

Exercise in a fun way such as dancing to music or walking or running with your dog. If exercising becomes a chore, you will less likely keep it up, and won’t take off weight.

9. Value in realistic goal setting

Establish a realistic goal to weight loss and stay with it. Maybe losing a pound a week is the goal. This means that in a 3,500 daily caloric intake, the calories would have to be reduced by 500 calories every day.

10. Losing weight permanently

Losing weight is a slow process if you want to take it off and keep it off. Do not rush into quick schemed diets. They are unhealthy and the weight usually comes right back.

Take your time and discover the best way that will help you become successful in losing weight and keeping it off.

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