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Achieve Your Fitness Goals Through Charity

Achieve Your Fitness GoalsMillions of women are in an ongoing battle with their own bodies to lose weight, shed fat and trim down. It seems there is always a new fad diet, diet pill, work-out DVD or novelty items, like weight loss wraps or machines that claim to trim and tone the body better than the competition. The weight loss industry generates billions of dollars in revenue every year, yet there is still no shortage of women rehashing New Years weight loss resolutions every January. It seems that a desire to lose weight is simply not always enough to drop excess pounds. So what does work?

Logging Miles for a Cause

It could be possible that some women need a deeper motivation beyond themselves for losing weight. For some it’s being healthy for their kids, and for others, its achieving a sense of personal accomplishment. But for those who still need a little extra motivation, charity could hold the answer.

Women are known for being naturally compassionate and generous. The Corporation for National and Community Service reports that women are far more likely to volunteer than men are – evidence of the female response to people and organizations in need. Furthermore, Time Magazine reports that women are much more financially generous than men are, meaning they are more likely to raise money or personally donate to a cause.

By combining charitable causes with fitness, some women are achieving better health while simultaneously raising awareness for charitable organizations. The average woman will burn through approximately 80 to 100 calories per mile walked, which can add up to a fat loss of several pounds during the training phase of a half marathon.

Several races are organized around a charitable cause. The Susan G. Komen races are among the popular charity events for women, raising money for breast cancer research. Hundreds of these races occur around the country each year, with women electing to walk or run as little as 5 kilometers or as far as 60 miles. But it isn’t just breast cancer awareness that women are getting their heart rates up for. A host of other organizations, including the Girl Scouts of America, benefit from various races around the country.

But even if your favorite charity isn’t the subject of an official race, it doesn’t mean you can’t lace up your running shoes for your cause. Some charities, like Charity:Water, allow donors to organize their own campaigns to raise money for their organizations. Sponsors can pledge money for every mile you run or pound you lose, with donations going directly to the organization in your name.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals Through Charity

If your past efforts to lose weight or tone up have fallen flat, try motivating yourself with compassion. Visit your local gym or a running club to find out about upcoming charity races that you can begin training for. You’ll weigh less and feel great inside and out.

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