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2013 New Years Weight Loss Goal

5 Secrets to Boost Metabolism

You committed to shedding those extra pounds and meeting your weight loss goal in 2013. If a good diet and increased exercise seemingly are not enough to get the results you want, you may need to ramp up your internal personal trainer – your metabolism.

To some extent, your metabolism works at preset levels largely determined by genetics and gender. Fortunately, you still have some control over things, and there are several easy ways to boost your metabolism to increase weight loss safely and naturally.

1. Have Breakfast with a Cup of Joe

Tired of hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Too bad, because it’s true! Your body is instinctively paranoid, and your body goes into starvation mode when given no nutrients to sustain it throughout the day. Your metabolism nosedives into slow motion to conserve energy when denied its essential morning fare. Join the Sisterhood of the Traveling Coffee Mugs to help fuel weight loss. Caffeine can boost metabolism by 16 percent.

2. Choose Organic Foods

You wouldn’t sprinkle pesticide atop your dinner like salt, right? Of course not. If your foods are not certified organics then you don’t have to – pesticides are likely already there in surplus.

Studies indicate that dieters with high levels of organochlorides (pesticide chemicals) harboring in their fat cells have a high susceptibility to disruptions in thyroid function. Pesticides stall metabolism, and choosing organics is an easy way to kick start it back into action and keep it there.

3. Shake Up Your Workout

Step up the intensity of your routine with sprint intervals during your cardio workout. Whether walking, jogging or working with a treadmill, rower, or other machine, ramp up the pace in ten second intervals between 20-second intermissions of standard tempo. Interval training elevates metabolism tremendously and can help you lose five times more body fat.

4. Avoid Boozing it Up

Happy hour or wine with dinner is so tempting, but nothing could be worse for weight loss than alcohol. A mere two alcoholic beverages can hinder fat burning by an astonishing 73 percent. As the liver converts alcohol into acetate, it begins utilizing the chemical for fuel rather than stored fat.

5. Get Some Rest Already

Eight hours of rest are necessary for your body and metabolism to stay in sync. Countless studies show that getting less than eight hours of shuteye throws off Leptin and Ghrelin hormones, which are the regulators of appetite and energy use.

Stick with your resolution, and try these metabolism-boosting tricks to propel your weight loss to succeed in 2013.

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