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Ways to Reduce Anxiety Quickly

BreatheAnxiety is a common problem for women in modern society. That suffocating feeling of panic, worry or outright fear is hard to control. Furthermore, it can come without warning and does not always have a direct cause. Although it seems difficult to manage, relieving the feelings is possible with a few simple strategies.

Take a Deep Breath

Drawing the attention away from the panicky feelings and to the breath is a simple way to distract the mind. Taking in a slow, deep breath for a count of five and then slowly releasing the breath for another count of five is an instant distraction. It pulls the subconscious mind away from the trigger that causes anxiety and refocuses on the reality of the situation.

The feeling of anxiety does not always have an obvious reason, which can make the situation more frightening. By refocusing the mind on the breath, the trigger becomes less significant.

Meditate Each Morning

Anxiety and stress often go hand-in-hand because the chemical reactions to the stress hormone can cause the panicky feelings. Although stress can act as a trigger for anxiety, it is possible to control and reduce with regular meditation.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is part of maintaining a healthy weight and body, but it also helps reduce anxiety and stress throughout the day. Regular exercise does not necessarily mean spending hours running or weight lifting each day. Women can spend half an hour walking around the neighborhood or on a treadmill to get a similar stress-free result.

Reduce or Eliminate Caffeine

The caffeine in coffee, soft drinks and other beverages is not helpful when struggling with anxiety. Although caffeine is not always the culprit of anxiety, it can contribute to the situation. Too much caffeine can over-stimulate the nervous system and cause some of the unexplained feelings of panic.

Cutting back on caffeine will also help with sleeping at night. The inability to sleep due to the stimulant will make it easier for the subconscious mind to create stressful feelings. By improving sleeping habits, the mind is well-rested and it is possible to feel relaxed throughout the day.

Modern women are facing challenges that create stressful situations. Although anxiety has many potential causes, women can control the feelings with a few tricks. Taking time to reduce stress, improve sleep habits and distract the mind from the emotional state will help with anxiety.

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