Stress Busters for the Overwhelmed Woman

A woman’s stresses are her crown jewels, but the stressors of some days can literally make you want to pull out Soothing Teaevery follicle one by one. Children running wild like college students on Spring Break, a partner’s bad day causes them to regard you with the warmth of a burned rump roast – any of these situations would drive a saint crazy. Let’s not mention that perhaps housework or college coursework might be piling up as if a dump truck paid you a visit. Consider these stress busters that many inundated women find successful.

Soothing Teas: Relaxing and Healthy

Enjoy a cup of tea in a place of solitude if possible and focus on yourself for a few moments. Chamomile is a popular herb in calming teas and provides a pleasant taste and aroma that fosters a sense of serenity. Kava tea blends alleviate serious stress and tension, and it elicits a response in the amygdala of the brain where stress responses initiate. Local grocers typically carry many teas featuring special formulation fostering calming and soothing properties.

Warm Bath: An Ideal Way to Recharge

Warm, aromatic bubble baths can be satisfying any time but particularly after a hectic day. Whether the tub is spacious, jetted, or small and somewhat cramped, it can still provide an exceptional respite for relaxation. Scented bubbles, a good novel, and maybe that cup of tea are sure to peel away the layers of tension that every day stress enfolds upon hard-working women.

Meditation for Stress Relief

One misconception about meditation is that one must sit in the lotus position humming and repeating a mantra. This behavior at work or school, and even at home, might draw some stares of bewilderment, but fortunately, meditation for stress relief is possible without such antics. You may sit in any position in a quiet, comfortable spot for few moments to simple close your eyes and free your mind to positive, uplifting thoughts in meditation.

Screaming: The Immediate Stress Buster

Quickly becoming a favorite stress reliever for women, a genuine scream of frustration has remarkable anxiety relieving abilities. Scientific studies indicate a number of reactions that screaming has on the body both physiologically and emotionally, and the primary discovery is that the act has a profound cathartic effect on people. Choose your place and time to implement scream therapy cautiously for obvious reasons.

Don’t let stress drag you down. Alleviate it with any of these tried and true stress busting methods, and get your day, and your emotional well-being back on track.

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