Sleeplessness and Womens Health

Sleep is as essential to overall womens health as water and food. Without adequate sleep, your body cannot function properly during the day. Lack of sleep can affect concentration, mood and even motor skills. According to the Harvard Women’s Health Watch, chronic sleep loss can factor into more serious health concerns such as high blood pressure, weight gain and a weakened immune system.

You Are NOT Alone

Women of all ages often struggle with getting enough sleep each night. For many women, taking care of everyone else takes priority over taking care of themselves. Hectic schedules, family responsibilities, money worries and relationship concerns can contribute to over-stimulated minds and lack of time actually spent in bed trying to sleep. Women also can suffer sleep issues as a result from simply being female. A woman’s menstrual cycle can affect quality of sleep as can menopause or pregnancy.

Problems women may face due to lack of sleep vary and include:

  • Weight gain: Chronic sleep loss affects metabolism. You may begin to see weight gain as your body’s hormonal level fluctuates.
  • Mood: Just as young children are cranky when they miss their naps, a woman’s mood can become irritable and unpleasant after several nights of restless or little sleep. Lack of sleep can affect your patience level and ability to concentrate.
  • Memory: Sleep allows the brain to recharge, helping it to later process new information easier. Chronic sleeplessness can affect memory and comprehension abilities.
  • Hypertension: The Mayo Clinic reports, “People who sleep five hours or less a night may be at a higher risk for developing high blood pressure or worsening already high blood pressure.” Sleep may help with regulating stress hormones. Overactive stress hormones can lead to high blood pressure.
  • Safety: Anytime you suffer from sleeplessness, safety issues can arise. Daytime drowsiness from inadequate sleep can cause you to nod off when driving. This is extremely dangerous for you, your passengers and other motorists and pedestrians. Chronic drowsiness can cause inattentiveness, which is dangerous when working with any type of machinery or even performing household chores such as cooking.

We Understand Womens Health…

If you are suffering from chronic sleeplessness, you are not alone. More than 40 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. These can range from sleep apnea to insomnia and restless legs syndrome. Talk to you doctor if you are having difficulty sleeping. He or she can help.

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